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Become a Bird Centre


In order to become a qualification provider under BIRD, you should follow our centre affiliation process. We guarantee that an education provider can become our qualification provider within five working days if they are eligible. Here is how BIRD provides accreditation to education providers.


Step 1: Fill out the Application to Become a BIRD Centre, attach listed documents and send the form with appropriate fee (currently £500 for UK Institutions and £200 for Overseas Institutions) to the BIRD office. For UK centres, centre application should accompany the following documents, where appropriate:


                Legal Status (Certificate of Incorporation)


                CV and Photo ID of Accountable Officer

                Fire Risk Assessment


                Health and Safety Policy


                Equal Opportunity Policy


                Public Liability Insurance


                Data Protection Policy


                Fair Assessment Policy


                Quality Assurance Policy


                Complaint Procedure


                Appeal Procedure


Step 2: Accreditation Visit/Enquiry by a BIRD Inspector and submission of reports


 Step 3: BIRD Approval/refusal


BIRD Guarantees to complete its affiliation process by five working days if the applicant is eligible. However, if an application to become an affiliated centre is rejected, the applicant can appeal to us according to our Appeals Procedure (available on request). Please note that approval is always the discretion of BIRD Affiliation Committee and BIRD reserves the right to withdraw any approval at any time in case of unsatisfactory performance of any centre.

Interested education providers can apply online using the following link or download centre application form in pdf format clicking on BIRD Centre Application PDF below.



Apply online to become a BIRD centre

BIRD Centre Application Form 2014.pdf_24758.pdf