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Postgraduate Diploma in Women's Studies

PGC in Women’s Studies is in many ways a unique course ideally suited to the interests of mature students. It attempts to challenge traditional structures of knowledge about gender as well as the usual ways in which we learn. Women’s Studies draws on many disciplines, including sociology, literature, history, psychology and politics, and is accessible to students whose previous academic backgrounds are in any area. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own life experiences and combine this with theoretical insights that cross discipline boundaries.

The course involves intellectual discussion of a wide range of issues that impact directly on women’s lives today. It has relevance to those working in a wide range of sectors who wish to understand more about gender relations in society and who also want to acquire up-to date academic skills and qualifications. Women’s Studies recognises the value of women’s personal lived experiences, and the skills and awareness learned through everyday social interaction, and believes in listening to what women themselves have to say about their own lives.

The course covers the established areas of Women’s Studies content, theory and method strongly relevant to the discipline. It allows students to independently research on UK Womenfolk in the light of contemporary feminist theories as well.

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Level: Level 7
Duration: 6 Months to 12 Months
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